Unfortunately, there is no other way to describe the current state of crypto and how it impacts our projects
The challenges of the current markets and overall attention on crypto is more bad than good - but we continue to push forward thru the winds.
Thoughts on crypto and what lies ahead for our projects as we continue to grow our users and build during the bear market.
After 30 days after going live, DOOR+ is growing it's user base as we prepare to lock in advertisers.
We have been live for a week on both app stores. Here is how things are going.
It's been 272 days since we launched DOOR (or 195 business days if we didn't work weekends - which we did :). Here is a break down of the milestones we…
As we witness the entire crypto market taking a serious beating, it's important to mentally and emotionally zoom out and understand why businesses…
I thought it would be helpful to outline what can drive the price of a token and more importantly why it's important to take a long term view on…
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